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Building digital Products

I believe in:

  • Holistic and cross-discipline: approach problems with analysing from end-to-end, moving as a mob with creativity and craftmenship.
  • Team, team, team: all value is created in the team by the team, so we have to make sure they can do their work
  • Build - messure - learn: change the world one story at a time and then iterate.
  • Avoid the comfort zone: improving constantly, taking risks, reviewing assuptions and being open for the undiscovered

This is how we work: grass-roots, self-organised, lean. It started in Software Development but now taking over whole organizations as a cultural shift. Mr Know-it-all has been replaced by cross-functional, self-organised teams who are constantly delivering in small iterations. In many companies and teams we educate(d) and promote(d) agile workstyles, bringing ideas like Scrum and Kanban to development teams or iterative project planning to management.

The biggest leverage in building digital products are clear focus and short feedback cycles.

Collection of thoughts on Product Management (in German): maccorama miniblog.

Photo credit: NESA by Makers on unsplash.

Martin Stahl
Martin Stahl
Head of Product

Digital Product Manager and Product Lead in Startups for over a decade. Now Coaching, Training and Consulting for Digital Product Management.