Testing Business Ideas on my desk.

Testing Business Ideas (Book)

Many companies in the digital area often fail due to missing mechanisms for a continuous innovation of the product or product portfolio. The bets placed are too high and a strategic focus with a structured risk assessment does not take place.

Even more so I would like to recommend the recently published book “Testing Business Ideas”, published by Strategyzer around Alex Osterwalder. The team around Alex Osterwalder has already introduced valuable tools such as the Business Model Canvas or the Value Proposition Canvas. In “Testing Business Ideas”, the focus is sharpened on the fact that every business hypothesis, no matter how small, must pass through a test. At the same time, it must be ensured that these business ideas and hypotheses are created in a structured way and run through the loop of business design and test.

The book offers a comprehensive toolbox for this purpose, which should suit every business situation.

Martin Stahl
Martin Stahl
Head of Product

Digital Product Manager and Product Lead in Startups for over a decade. Now Coaching, Training and Consulting for Digital Product Management.